Founded in the 1860s as a mining town, Park City, Utah has seen more than its share of colorful characters, disasters, tragedy and death over the years -- all of which have combined to create the tales of ghosts and hauntings that still circulate in town today. The first non-Mormons flocked to Park City with the discovery of silver and brought men like the infamous George Hearst to the region, who founded the Ontario Mine. Stories of rich strikes at the Silver King mine brought more miners to the area and for many years, the tales of wild living, saloons and bawdy houses spread throughout the west. Even a fire that nearly destroyed the entire town in 1898 and disaster at the Day West Mine that killed 34 men in 1902 weren't enough to keep Park City from becoming one of Utah's most famous silver towns. Eventually, though, two world wars, the Great Depression and a drop in silver prices destroyed the town's economy and by the 1950s, Park City was a ghost town. But today, thanks to the ski and tourist industry and an international film festival, the town is thriving once more!

We hope that you'll join us on the Haunted Park City Tour in 2013 as we breathe life back into the tales of ghosts, hauntings, spooks and specters that still walk the streets of the city!


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